Column with Comma Separated Values

Hi everyone - I’m having what is probably a very simple to solve problem. I have a column in a sheet where come rows contain single values and others contain comma-seperated lists of values (the sheet is populated by a Google Form and this column stores the responses from a checkbox multi-select question). In my app, I would like the relation to sort rows out for all values within the comma-separated lists. The category in question is called “discipline” - I am attaching a link to the app and the sheet - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Link to App
Link to Sheet

Hey Mike,
You can create separate columns for each ‘discipline’.
Call them Discipline 1, Discipline 2, …

You can then use REGEXMATCH(), or simply us FIND() with Error Handling, for these columns to have these values.


What would your final outcome in the sheet look like? Would a SPLIT work? I am open to help.

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I second the SPLIT idea if you will know the maximum number of Disciplines that would ever be selected. This could be written to a series of columns in the sheet using formulas. I would name for columns (Discipline 1, Discipline 2, etc.) which will give you an array column of ‘Discipline’.