Split arrays into columns?

If there are multiple answers to one question and they come in as item1, item 2, item 3, from the form, is it possible to keep that column for display purposes and also split them into individual array columns to be used for filtering, grouping, etc?

I currently do the reverse by concatenating the array columns together, but am unsure how to do it the other way.

Moving forward I would have them select each role individually, but for the users who signed up via email list I would have to do this manually to split them apart. Any assistance would be great.



You can still point to individual columns for components. Glide just displays the array in the editor so you know that it can be used as an array.

In this case I am trying to go from job1, job2, job3 all in one column to displaying it in 3 columns without having to manually cut and paste each one or retype. Is there a formula for that?

Use a SPLIT formula in the sheet. Preferably in combination with an array formula.

The info came from a form where I allowed them to choose multiple choice, so it did not have an array formula originally. Is there anywhere I can see this? I will also do a search. Thanks for your help.

The Google form isn’t going to write the arrayformula for you. You need to add it yourself, but the arrayformula will contain a split formula to split each value into separate columns based on a comma delimiter.