How to search values on a sheet based on the input from a text entry?

Hi friends!

I need to implement a function where user can check-in just informing his code (voucher). The procedure must be:

  1. User will access the app (public app, without login)
  2. User type the code (voucher) on the first screen and “send” this info
  3. A new screen is presented with the details of that voucher(name, dates, etc) and a button to confirm the check-in

I’m stuck on the step 2, how to search for the entered value on the sheet. Any advice?


Have the code input as a user-specific field, then make a relation matching that input field with the code field in your “Voucher” sheet.

Make all the lookups you need to return the information of the voucher.

Then add the button to confirm the check-in, recording the voucher, ask the user to enter his/her email or special IDs.

This could all be done in the same screen. Tell me if it works, I fear the user-specific column might act up in a public app.


I’m trying it, but no success until now. Trying to figure out how to “search” the entered info and automatically bring the results on the same screen (google like).

What are your settings so far?

To repeat my points above, I envision a screen with:

  • A user-specific text entry to store the code

  • A relation that returns the matching code information

  • A button to send that info back to your Sheets.

Now it works!!!

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