Coupon Code

Hello Gliders,

I’m making app to showcase courses, but it will only work by entering a coupon code.

The use case:

  1. User picks a course
  2. User enters a code
  3. User gets access to the course

What I want to be able to do is to validate first the coupon code by clicking Apply Code, this checks my list of codes in the GS and tags it as used, if the coupon code doesn’t exist, then I will just prompt the user.

Video what I want to try to do:

Thank you in advance!

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To be able to check only, assuming you don’t need to actually store those rows, I would avoid the form, add an entry component writing to a user-specific column, make a relation from that column to the list of rows.

Then maybe show a hint text component, if the relation is empty then show something, if the relation is not empty then show something.