Checking a code

I am creating an app that can check if a one-time 6 digit code is valid or not. if the code is valid, it should then mark the code as used, which ensures that it cannot be reused. This means another check run on the same code should return invalid.

I have the first part figured out already (checking if the code is valid). What I did was to do a rollup of all valid codes into a Joined List. If the entered code is found among the Joined List, then the code is valid.

The 2nd part is where I have a challenge. How do I mark the specific code on a specific row as already used. I tried “Set column values” but it is only setting the column value into the first row in my sheet.

Screenshot of the Glide sheet attached for reference.

Well, you could create a single relation that joins the column that stores the entered code to the “Pass Code” column, and then do a Set Column Values through that relation.

May I ask more about what your use case is here?
I do hope that you are not trying to use this as an authentication mechanism?
If you are, you should be aware that it will not be secure, and anyone with even a basic familiarity with browser inspection tools could easily bypass it (and get a list of all your codes).


Thanks @Darren_Murphy for raising the security concerns. Very valid. It’s just for demonstration purposes.