Unique number check in a column possible?

Hi and greetings from the Netherlands.

In my Glide table i have a column witch hold an sku number. That sku number has to be unique and in a fixed format of 7 digits. This 7-digit code is not sequential or otherwise arranged and is manually implemented. For example: 2308001 and then it’s not necessarily or likely that the next code will be 2308002. It’s random made up by the user and it should stay that way.

Now when entering a new sku code (a new row in that glide table) I want to check whether it already exists. Anyone have suggestions or ideas?

Thank you for your suggestions in advance!
Ronald Klop

Create a relation column from the code column back to itself. If it found a match, then the cell won’t be empty and you can use that for filtering or visibility conditions

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Thank you Robert,

That was the solution!

Regards, Ronald

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