Check column for specific value

I’m looking to create a library of Guide Books to provide my guests (AirBnB), unique to the property they are staying at. Below is a summary roadmap of what I am envisioning:

→ Text entry field where guest enters their [Room number]
If [Room Number] matches a value in the [RoomList] column, (this is the bit I am stuck on)
→ then display a button that links to that apartments info screen. (I have this step figured out already)


My problem is that this only runs a check on the first row in the column. I would like to check the whole column. If someone could point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it.

I have searched through this forum but have not found a work around. Apologies if there is an answer out there, I’m very new and may just lack the correct language to find what I need!

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Your text entry should point to a user-specific column. Then make a relation from that to the room list column. If the relation is not empty then show an inline list that will link to the correct item.


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