Help with a Booking App

Hi, I’m new to Glide and I need help with my first app.

I’m building an app for booking rooms and I have two tables: Rooms and Bookings.

When the user choose a room and click the button to book a room, I set a value in Rooms to mark that room was selected and then, I can use a relation in Bookings to link the two tables. When the booking is done, I reset this value in Rooms.

The problem is that sometimes, users can open the screen for booking, click the button, but not complete the process. So, the value is not reseted and could cause confusion with other booking, because two or more lines will have the default value to make a relation with Bookings.

Here’s a link for my app, it’s in portuguese, but I hope you could understand the problem from the text:


Are you using user-specific column to hold your data during process? It looks that not.

The booking Apps are one of most complex to develop or maintain, don’t feel sad during its development.


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Yes, I’m using a user-specific column to store the value 1 in Rooms. Then I compare this value in Bookings and make a relation to get which room was selected.

But the same user can select different rooms and not finish the process of booking. Then, various rooms will have 1 in the column. I think I need a way to reset this value when the user go back to the previous screens.

Hola de nuevo…

Well, I did my logic in the opposite direction :wink:: I look for if a room is available for the selected date and then, if everything is ok, open my form and request the user data to close the booking.

I think this flow is more effective and easier to create/maintain. This is my version if you want to take a look at it: