Booking for multiple people by single user but can't be able to remove other number/slot in choice component

Hi Gliders,

I am stuck with this predicament where in a booking app that requires multiple registration by a single user but in the choice component only removes a single number/slot and not the other numbers/slot.

Event Booking App where 1 user needs to book for 3 people in say 10 slots. Choice component has numbers 1-10. User will choose no. 3 (to book for 3 people) BUT back end it will only remove number/slot 3 and not numbers/slot 1 and 2 in the choice components.

In the column I used Array - Remove Elements or Array - Contains Elements but only eliminates the selected choice component number and not the other slots (1 & 2).

Using one-to-one booking is fine but for multiple registration by one user is where I get stuck.

Am I using the wrong component or computed type for such booking registration or do I need a series of column/s for me to include the other number/slots to be removed from the choice components?

Hope fellow Gliders will be able to assist me on this issue I face. Cheers!

I’m not sure I fully understand what your setup is (loads of smarter people than me on here, so hopefully they jump in).

What you seem to be asking for likely is going to need the use of a Make or Zapier…or until Glide has automations that allow for looping. You want the remove element to fire 3 times (in your example) and it can only fire once in Glide currently.

You could potentially use Call API with JSONs to accomplish this as well since you can create a JSON object to either add/edit/delete rows.

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Could you provide some screenshots with your example?

Do you want a second choice component to be filtered based off the selection of a previous choice component?

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Thanks for taking time, appreciate it.

Attached is the slide up of the booking page and as you can see if a user selects to register 3 people, he clicks on 3 and it will ‘write to’ a column cell but only captures the no.3 slot (which can be removed by using 'Array - Contains Elements OR Array - Remove Elements) but won’t be eliminating slots 1 & 2. Means it will still reflect inside the Choice Component when another user tries to register/book.

Hope I explained it well. Thanks

Hi Darren,

Thanks for the inputs, appreciate it.

Think I need to learn more about the integrations you’ve mentions. :sweat_smile:

The column you are saving to should be user specific. Create a new column… make it user specific and save to this new column.

Hi Eric,

Yes the selected slot is saved, or “written to”, a user specific column but it only captures a single number and not multiple numbers/slot.

If a single user books for 3 participants it should capture slots 1,2 & 3 under the choice components so it won’t show again, means that slots 1,2 & 3 has been taken already. Currently, it will only removes single number/slot 3 from the Choice Component.

Maybe you could provide a short video of what you are trying to do. If you want to eliminate choices from a choice component you can use a filter.

If you are using user specific column then it will be different for each user. It’s unclear what your goal is.


Thanks Eric!

This filter made it worked for the choice component part! really appreciate the help, Thanks!

This solves the multiple booking by a single user part (which I’m really appreciative) however, when I tried to book again on the same date & time (OR another user books for the same event details) It will still show that slots 1 & 2 are still available, and only removed slot 3, as attached screen shots.

Again thanks for the help! think I am halfway there and still need to solve the other half. :sweat_smile:

I think your approach is wrong. What happens for that second user when they only want to pick 1 participant, but the first option is a 4? That seems like it would be confusing to me. They want to pick 1 participant, not 4.

I think what you need is a rollup count of participants, subtract that from the total potential participants using a math column, and then use that math column as a filter for your choice.

So if the first user starts with 1-7 for their choices and they pick 3, then your Rollup would get a result of 3, and you subtract it from 7, resulting in 4. Then your choice would be filtered to show choices less than our equal to 4. That way the second user could only pick 1-4.


Thanks Jeff! Let me try your suggestion and see how will it go. Appreciate the help, cheers!

Hi Jeff, tried using the rollup and math column but think I’m missing something or can’t seem to use the proper sequence of columns for it to achieve the intended outcome.

Not sure what I did is correct, based on your suggestion OR if what I’m doing wrong is on the filter side.

Thanks in advance for the patience and help.

I picture a single event row in an event table that has a slots column that contains the total number of slots available for that event. When a user books a number of slots, it would create a row in a booking table with a column that contains the number of slots the user chose.

You would create a relation between the event table and the booking table, and the Rollup would use that relation to sum the number of slots chosen from each booking. That Rollup is what you would subtract from the event’s total number of available slots.

For the choices, you would just need a table with a number in each row up to the highest number of possible slots you could ever have for any event. It would just be a generic table that isn’t tied to any specific event. You filter the choices based on the math column that subtracts the Rollup count from the total number of available slots for the event. Anything less than or equal to that math result would be the choices that you display.


Hi Jeff,

thanks again for the suggestions. tried few time, step by step, above guide but seems I still fall short or missing some step/s and seems can’t still get to the point whereby I can achieve the goal of one user doing for multiple booking and eliminating/removing booked slots and then next user will only be able to see or book remaining available slots.

Still playing around and trying again and again the steps you’ve shared and hope that I will be able to achieve it.

Will do update if I have finally done it :innocent: :crossed_fingers: