How to run an agency using Glide

As there is no agency account, I was wondering If I can use the "organization account " to manage apps for my customers. So the organization account would be my “agency account” and the internal apps would be the apps for my customers (internal apps only), when I say customers, it’s for different companies…
Is it technically possible? each app would have its own domain/subdomain
In summary :

Org account (my agency)
|_Public App - Agency app (my own public app)
|_company A = customer A = internal app 1
|_company B = customer B = internal app 2
|_company C = customer C = internal app 3,4,5

Is it a way to have plus than one public app in the org account?

We explain more about orgs pricing on this page, but you can create an organization for each different client. Each org will be separate and private to each client, but you will be able to access and edit the apps in all of them. Each org will be able to have internal apps (only used by that company) and public apps.

All apps in orgs (internal or public) can have custom domains and you can create as many draft apps as you want for free.


This is exactly what I am looking for @JackVaughan .