Possibility to co-develop a glideapp from 2 different glide accounts?


I was wondering whether there was a way to not be a single developer on glide, ie be able to share the development of an app across multiple glide accounts.

Is the only way to register as a digital agency? Or are there any sharing options that I have missed that would allow that?

Obviously I don’t want to share the password to my gmail account with the other developper, and that wouldn’t even allow for parallel development.

Thanks for your feedback!



You can try the organization plan I guess.

Yep that’s the only way currently.

Do you mean the agency or the organization? To me the organization is for company internal apps…

Not sure about agency plan but us at lowcode.agency is using the organization plan this way.

Ok! So you can have two persons working on the same app at the same time with the organization plan?

That’s good to know thanks! But if I can avoid the new pricing that comes with it, I’d rather find another way…

Actually, one at a time

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Not sure if this is effective now or on October 1st when new pricing takes full affect.

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