Deploying Apps for Clients

Hi everyone, I’m new to Glide and excited to start building apps for clients. I’m looking for some guidance on the best approach for creating and deploying these apps.

Here’s my question:

Account Management: Should I create separate Glide accounts for each client and work within their account, or can I manage everything from my own account?
Deployment & Domains: If I manage apps from my account, can I deploy each client app to a separate custom domain? Or are custom domains tied to the developer account (i.e., one account, one domain)?

Glide recommends your clients creating their own accounts and making you a member of the team. When using integrations, it makes the process a lot smoother without having to reconnect everything when transferring to a different team. It also puts them in charge of plan limits and billing. If you were hosting everything in your own team, it would only take one client going over the limits to bring down all of your clients.

Regarding custom domains, they are per app.

Have you considered joining Glide’s Expert Program? You can then purchase an Agency plan which will allow you to create free trial teams for your clients. You can also get revenue share from your clients.


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