How to reveal content after people click a button?

Hi smart people :slight_smile:

Question. I’m trying to create an onboarding experience for first time users. I will not show them the application until they have filled in some content.

Currently, the entire app is invisible, until people have filled in their country. However, this creates a weird user experience. Because the moment they fill in their country, all tabs are suddenly visible.

I rather have this once they click a button. Have you guys found a clever way of doing this?

To see the onboarding experience:

The compound actions will fix this :), but I guess that functionality won’t be released anytime soon.

I usually use a number column with an increment button for that. Here’s an example.

Nice looking app!

Ah… thanks for that! That was exactly what I was looking for. Already browsed the forums and noticed people were talking about the increment functionality. I just couldn’t get my head around how they used it. But after looking at your app, everything made sense :wink:


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