Exclusión de visibilidad de Pestañas

Hello partners,

I am setting up my cultural routes application. It is currently made up of three different tabs: Routes (where you can see the different routes available), Profile (you see the user’s data and the routes that you have purchased) and Favorites (the routes that the user has selected as favorites appear). In addition, I have made it a public application with email, but I need a form to complete the registration in which your name and photo can be associated with the list of users. With this in mind, I would like the Routes and Favorites tabs not to appear before finishing registration. I have tried putting in the database an If —> Then —> Else column where I put the conditions that if there is a User ID, its record is TRUE, after this I go to the tab menu and put the conditions visibility without working. How can I solve it?

I have followed these steps: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/security-and-per-user-data/user-profiles

You can follow an onboarding example I made here.

Thanks, I’ll look at it and tell you something.

A greeting.

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