How to replace all spaces with dashes and make all characters lowercase

Hi, I’m new to Glide. I hope this is a straight forward request. How would I replace all spaces with dashes and make all characters lowercase.

For example, I have a column that is currently displaying the following:

2018-Audi-A4 allroad

I need to convert that text to:


Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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You can use the Lowercase Text and Split Text Column computed columns to achieve this. The Lowercase Text column will convert all characters to lowercase, and the Split Text Column will split the text by spaces and replace them with dashes. For more information, please refer to the following links: Lowercase Text: Glide • Lowercase Text column and Split Text Column: Glide Docs • Split Text Column.

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The Lowercase Text computed column works great! But the Split Text Column doesn’t seem to achieve my desired outcome. It seems to split the text string into an array. I’d like the output to remain a single string, but look like this:


instead of:

2018-audi-a4 allroad

which it currently looks like after using the Lowercase Text column.

Unless I’m using the Split Text column incorrectly?

You can use a template column. Point the value to the column that contains the text. Then set up a replacement that replaces space with dash.

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That worked @Jeff_Hager, thanks for your help

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