Add Text Functions to Template columns, similar to Math calculations

I would really like to see the ability to do basic text operations in the Template column, the way we can now do math ones in the Math column.

For example, emails are notoriously ambiguous when it comes to casing so I could create a “Lowercase Email” Template column with string “LOWER(email)” and a replacement for “email” instead of doing this in the Google Sheet which has been very slow to update lately.

Another example, I could find duplicate users using different emails (work & personal) using a template column like “LOWER(TRIM(firstname)-TRIM(lastname)-TRIM(department)-TRIM(role))” with all the correct replacements.

This functionality would allow me to convert a lot of my Google Sheet tables to Glide tables since I wouldn’t need to use ARRAYFORMULAS for these simple text operations anymore.


  • LOWER() - Convert to lowercase
  • UPPER() - Convert to uppercase
  • TRIM() - Remove leading or trailing whitespace

Nice to have:

  • LTRIM() - Remove leading whitespace
  • RTRIM() - Remove trailing whitespace
  • REVERSE() - Reverse the order of chars
  • LENGTH() - Return the length of the text

Advanced: (Not sure if you want to allow arguments or use 0/1 as index)

  • LEFT(x, txt) - Take the first x chars
  • RIGHT(x, txt) - Take the last x chars
  • MID(x, y, txt) - Return the text between x and y positions
  • REGEX(x, txt) - Return the result for Regular Expression x

like it, I’ll add PROPER()