How to repair my link upload on database

I have database, and there is link a document. My admin can submit it from the features on apps.
But when i want to acsses it today, the document is corrupt. How i can repair it,maybe the data was sent to googleapis, but i cant to acsses it.


and Is it possible to link my database to my onedrive? if it’s possible, how to do it?

Have you tried to upload the file again?

  1. try to use not text cell, but “link”
  2. what is the size of file?
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If i upload again, it will be a new data. i cant to replace or edit the file because it just link to edit. and i dont know where this app savemy file to the repository. I think its on googleapis but i still cant acsses it.

maybe i will try this, but is it possible to link the app to the onedrive?

the file is below 1mb.

So you don’t have access to the original PDF that was uploaded in the first place? If the file is corrupt, I’m not sure what you can do other than to reupload it and replace the file that was uploaded before.

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you can use link to pdf on any cloud storage. (at least google drive and dropbox).
but it’s doesn’t mean “link app”. you just store a pdf there, and your app will get file from there. that files must have link, and they must be accessible to anybody.

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