How to present multiple columns related to the row key in a chart

Let’s say I have a portfolio of stock holdings so I made a screen with a list of stocks per week.
Now when go into a stock details, I want to show a chart that correlates to the stock row columns - example - let’s say I have 3 accounts so I want to show each account percentage of this stock. This information is in 1 row where the stock is the key and the columns have account A %, account B % and account c% but in the data for the chart I can choose only 1 column.
How do I solve this?

Glide charts are based on data being on multiple rows, not columns. The only exception is the bar chart, which will kind of let you use data in both rows and columns. Glide charts are kind of limited. Instead, many of us tend to use and build a url that will return an image representation of a chart. If you search the forum, there are several posts in regards to quickchart. It gives you a lot more flexibility as far as chart types, customization, and the ability to plug data in any way you want. Once you have the url built, then you simply display it anywhere in glide as an image.