Candlestick Charts - How To Make?

Anyone have any idea how to make candlestick charts in Glide using data from google sheets?

I would like the chart to be updated on a regular basis when the data in Google Sheets are updated.

I tried but there are no candlestick charts by default.

// charts in Google Sheets
Y scale in charts in Google Sheets starts from zero and I don’t know how to change it - is it possible at all?

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What does a candlestick chart look like?
Do you have an example?

How many types of data goes into one “data point”? I assume 5 (the date and 4 numbers for the candle)?

Yes, 5

That could be a bit of a challenge with quickchart, I think.
The solid parts of the “candles” are easy enough, that’s just a floating bar chart.
I’m just not sure how you’d get the vertical lines (the “wicks”).
It might be possible to combine two different chart styles to get that. Otherwise the only way I could think of to do it would be with annotations. But that would be quite a bit of work, I think.

Okay, then maybe a different approach to it.

Is it possible to somehow embed the TradingView widget in the application?

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As long as they allow themselves to be embedded - and it looks like they do - then yes, that should be possible.

Where can I embed this code?
What component can I use for this in the Glide?

this is HTML5

hmm, that looks like embeddable JavaScript. That won’t work in Glide.

The way to embed external sites in Glide is via a webview component, but that only accepts a simple URL.

To use the above, I think you would need to host it yourself, and then embed your hosted page in Glide.

Well, the problem starts when I have more shares - more charts and this list is dynamic, now there are such actions, in a week they will be different and I would have to manually update the websites (charts) hosted by me.

The best solution at the moment seems to be, because in Google Sheets I can construct a link that will generate a chart - everything happens automatically.
The problem is there is no candlestick chart there and I have to settle for a line chart.

I have yet to try this:

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If you did go down the self-hosting route, then you could set it up in such a way that it accepts HTML parameters, which in turn are passed to the widget. Glide could pass these parameters as part of the URL. So in that sense, it could be made dynamic.

A candlestick might be possible with Quickchart, but I don’t think it will be an easy task. I had a bit of a play with it earlier today, and I couldn’t see any (obvious) easy way to do it. Somebody more experienced than me with Quickcharts might have more success.

Just a side note - if you want these charts to be dynamic, then you should avoid constructing URL’s in your Google sheet, no matter which solution you settle on. Otherwise you’ll have delays with data sync between Glide and your Google Sheet. Instead, you should do all the work in Glide.

I have to try this

Do I need upgrade to see anything?
Whether external sites are blocking the webview component?

The error message pretty much says it all. The site you’re trying to embed doesn’t allow it. This is very common, as it’s generally considered a security risk. There is nothing that can be done on the Glide side. Your only option would be to contact the owner of the site and ask if they are willing to allow embedding. But I wouldn’t fancy your chances.