How to Merge 2 Template

Dear Community and Support!

We are working on creating a list of Email Notification Alert for a Feed New Post via JSON string which is created by Glide template.

The Feed Post has a fix set of info: Feed Post ID, Title, SchoolName, Sender Name etc. of which all are in one Feed Table.

The recipients are in another table with info required: Recipient Name, Email, Whatsapp etc…

We have merged the Feed Post info with the Recipient Info, however the Feed Post info are not correct because we use the Single Value - Last Record of the Feed info to merge with the Recipient Table before doing a Lookup back to Feed Table

As such whenever we click on send notification, the Feed info may not be pointing to the current feed

Is there a good and effective way to merge the template from a 1 Feed ID (Info) to many Recipient ID (Info0)?

Any help and suggestion will be deeply appreciated.

Difficult to say without getting a closer look at your tables, but I would have thought you would need a single relation + lookup instead of a single value.

@Darren_Murphy Hi Darren, thanks for your prompt reply

Yes i can share with you the details if you have time …

Is this the EduTalent Team?

Looks like I still have access to that team. If you can tell me which App this is and which tables are involved, I can probably take a look.

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Hi @Darren_Murphy Darren, thanks for your reply.

Have sent you a message on the new app. Thanks.

@pepewaio - just looking at this now…

I want to make sure my understanding is correct, can you confirm the below please?

  • the issue is with the Feed/Recipient Last Feed Notify Route column in the Family table, yes?
  • the purpose of that column is to check if the selected recipient received their last notification via email, yes?
  • you are using a single value → last through a relation, which I expect would give you the correct result.

Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct, and perhaps explain a bit more why the results you are getting aren’t what you want?

If my understanding isn’t correct, can you help clarify a bit more?

Also, can you give me an example of a record (row number in the Family table will do) that isn’t giving the desired result, and tell me what you would expect to get for that record?

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Hi Darren.

  1. Yes the issue could be we are referring to the Recipient’s Last Feed.
  2. The purpose of the column is the retrieve the Recipient’s Contact info to be merged to the selected Feed Post (for sending notification)

Hope the following will be clearer:

We are setting up a Send Notification Button for the selected Feed Post. This button will will send out an email to all recipient. This will need the Recipient’s contact information (which is residing in Staff / Family Table).

The Notification button is created at the The Feed Post table. This table has the Feed Post data, and each post has many recipients (using Recipients emails as IDs). Pls refer to Recipient → Final Merged Recipient List

What we are trying to achieve is to consolidate a list of JSON strings for this Feed ID + all the recipients contact details. However as depict below, some of the recipient’s Feed Post ID is incorrect.

At your suggestion using Single Value - Relation, we have now tried to use a FeedID for Notification (User Specifc) column at the Feed Table.

At the Staff Table, how should we set this up since the Staff could have more than 1 Feeds table?

@Darren_Murphy Thanks Darren for the superb help + guidance… you make it so easy, fun and open up much more possibilities then i have previously imagine Glideapp can do… Cheers!

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So I take it that my suggestions did the job for you?

Happy to help :+1:


Yes it did the work well and fast! Thanks once again!

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