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I have created an app which is a directory of members in our community group. Each page consists of their name, phone, email, etc…
Im looking for a way that by pressing a button, I can share this information using email, sms, etc.
I know this can be done with individual data items, but I’m looking for a way to share multiple data fields - is this possible?
Is there a way to “join” some fields and share that as 1 field??

Thanks for your help!!

Yes. You can even generate a CSV file from Glide if that is what you want. Here is how:

  • Create a template column to concatenate the columns that you want included. If you want CSV, then you’ll need a delimiter. I usually have something that looks like this:"{date}{d}{name}{d}{code}{d}{days}{d}{type}{d}{trade}", where {d} is a separate template column that looks like ","
  • Next, create a joined list column that joins all the rows together. You’ll need to use a CR/LF as a separator, so that each row is placed on a new line.
  • Finally, send this column using your favourite email method. Personally, I use an Integromat webhook.

That’s the basic steps. This technique can also be extended to apply headers and filters, etc to your data, if desired.


Thanks for the quick reply!
Being a newbie to Glide, I was hoping for some easy steps to follow.
Again, what I want to achieve is sending the contact information of 1 person from the screen I am on (this is all from 1 row, separate columns), using the share menu…
Can you walk me through it?

Whats a template column and where is this created? on the spreadsheet it self? if so, when adding new people to the spreadsheet through the app, can this column concatenate the info on the fly?
I really appreciate it.

In that case, you can just use the first step I described above with a template column, and then share that.

Refer to the link I gave you. No, none of this is done in the Google Spreadsheet, it’s all done in the Glide Data Editor.

perfect thanks! i watched the video and its all setup!

Followup question - now that I have this column and I’m able to “share” it - I have added a button for this functionality, but its not showing up on my phone? I tried reopening the app but that didn’t work…Usually changes are very quick, is this something that usually takes longer?