Sending multiple data from the same column to be shown in a template column

Dear all, i have a simple database setup

i want to add a template column which includes the values for all categories respectively like this :

but unfortunately, i cannot do that, each time i select category values it selects each column separately, and i only want one version of the template column and it should not be repeating for every row. i want to do this to send this template to chatgpt using the integration (message without history) to return some results.
note : i don’t want to use ask a question about table as it uses a different data model than chat-gpt 3.5 that is being used in messages with and without history
any help?

You could do it as follows:

  • Start with a Lookup column that targets your Name column. This will give you an array of categories.
  • Then add 3 Single Value columns. Each of these should target your Lookup column and take 0 from Start, 1 from Start and 2 from Start respectively.
  • You can then use those 3 Single Value columns in your Template.
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It definitly worked, thank you very much, an iterations i had to do tho:

  • these extra columns i added them to the users table and not categories, as the action editor reads the columns in user table only.
    One Concern tho,
    this solution will not work if each user have a different number of categories. is there any solution that is more dynamic?

An alternative is to build a template column that only contains a portion of the text relative to each row, and then use a joined list column to merge them all together.


I will gove it a try, but i don’t think i can pass this column to a chatgpt api message.
I will try it tho

Joined List is just a normal text string, so I would think it should work just fine.


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