Template column only concatenate first row

Template column only concatenate in first row and repeat the same infos for the rest of the rows. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

maybe you did not put the right variable… do you have a screenshot?


you used user profile data, that’s why is populating from a row of signed-in user…
to do for the corresponding rows, use the direct sheet, not user-specific

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Ok, but what do you mean by direct sheet?

do not pick the data from user profile

Ok, Should l create maybe another table for users?

no, change the sources in the template

Ok. But all the five columns (name, surname…) are coming from a form registered in user profile…

yes, but you are already on the

user profile sheet, so don’t take it from user profile data… pick from below it

Thank you but I don’t get. I will try tomorrow :thinking:

in the template, do not use User Profile > … use tabs below that, because it will take only data from the row where the sign-in user has he’s email

In the screenshot that you sent, are you on the user profiles table ?

When you select replacement values for your template column, you can choose columns from the user profile row of the current signed in user, or you can choose columns from the current table. You are choosing columns from the signed in user’s profile row. You should instead be choosing columns from the current table instead. In the drowndown, select any of the columns that are below the ‘User Profile’. Don’t select ‘User Profile’, unless you want to have the same values on all rows of the current table from only the signed in user’s profile row.


I understood well. But when I expand the list, the infos I want to concatenate are not there. I can only find them in user’s profile. It seems essential to me to be able to have in a single line the first name, the last name, the address of the user, the postal code, the city the country that the user will have entered in a form from his profile page.

The table I am on IS the user’s profile table.

If you want values from the user profile, then that shouldn’t be a problem. Yes it will show the same values on all lines, but what populates in the template columns will be different depending on which user is signed in.

However, if you do want to see different values in each row, you will need to create a relation column to link something like an email or user I’d in the current table, to the email or user id in the user table. Then you will need lookup columns to pull in each column from the relation to the current table. Then you can built your template against those lookup columns.

Whenever you use the User Profile option, like you showed above, it will ALWAYS return values from user profile of the current signed in user.

The confusing thing is that you appear to be within a user profile table. Is that the same table that your user profiles function is linked to?

Yes it is the sa me table.
I think I understood what you explained. Tomorrow (it’s very late now :)) I’ll try to build all of this.

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