How to make a lesson schedule so that students can't edit the schedule, but it repeats every week

I want to make a lesson schedule for students, so that I enter data for each student in the Users table, and then they have the opportunity to view this schedule personally

How long is the schedule gonna run for? Say some months? Do they actually need to look at it as a calendar, or a list would do?

I want to make it so that teachers can set a schedule for students, and students can review it, but the schedule must be repeated every week for six months

I think an alternative approach for you is to have two tables:


RowID Student ID Available from Available until
S001 ST001 July 4, 2024 January 4, 2025
S002 ST002 July 10, 2024 January 10, 2025

Schedule Lines

Schedule ID Day of week Time start Time end Subject
S001 Monday 09:00 AM 09:45 AM Maths
S002 Monday 09:50 AM 11:00 AM Literature

Then display the “Schedule” row to the user when “now” is on or after “Available from” and is also on or before “Available until”.

Upon clicking the schedule, they can see a list of subjects, grouped by each day, sorted by time start.


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