Creating weekly recurring time slots

Hi all,

I’m looking for any suggestions on how to create a series of weekly recurring dates/times on a users profile to show availability.

For example; there should be a form to ‘create recurring slot 1’ where the user picks a day of the week, e.g. Tuesday, and a time, e.g. 18:00.

From this information provided, the profile page should show all weekly dates & times for Tuesday 18:00 from the next weekly occurrence up until 6 weeks from now (so 6 slots).

All ideas welcome and very much appreciated!

I didn’t want to confuse my original post but as insight in to my current method:

  1. Create option picker for day of the week
  2. Create time picker for time
  3. Day of the week is converted into a date in June e.g. =if(day of week = “monday”, 1/6/2020)
  4. Add time and date columns from steps 2 and 3
  5. Create 52 columns with each adding 7 to the original date/time provided, hence pushing each forward a week
  6. Create 52 components in glide app for each date/time with filter condition which says “must be after today & must be before today + 6 weeks”

Obviously steps 5 and 6 are seem incredibly time consuming and inefficient

I started playing with this same concept last week. If I make any progress, I’ll be sure to share!


Awesome cheers Robert!

I will try to work on this. Is this intended so that people can let other users know which time they are available each week?

After the information is pushed to their profile page, users can come to the profile and book a time when said person is available?

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Hi Thinh. Brilliant! Yes that’s exactly it.

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I’m interested in incorporating something like this…curious if anyone ever make any progress on it?

Hey Justin. I haven’t unfortunately. Instead I am simply creating a button which says ‘prompt user to make a slot for you’ connected to zapier which sends a prompt email. It’s far from ideal but all I can think of to allow users to have consistent availability.

I was thinking of potentially trying to integrate calendly with the new webview feature to accomplish this but haven’t progressed far with testing this.

Anyone else made progress on recurring slots?

Not sure if Calendly provides a recurring slot but their interface is nice indeed. Would recommend.

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Seems like Calendly has not offered it.