Car Detailing app (with Calendly + Zapier)

We at recently delivered another simple app, but integrated with Calendly, using the webview component, ended up being an amazing app, both for our clients and his clients.

Clients book through the app. We connected calendly with Zapier back to the spreadsheet, so the business owner can keep track of the services that have been booked.
We built a couple of tabs with reports for the owner.

The client gets in his/her profile a list of the services they’ve requested from the business.

Using the recent workflow automations from Calendly, we even set up reminders to the clients to book again their car detailing service.

Simple, yet powerful!


Hey @eltintero, Great App and Brilliant use of Calendly using web view component.

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Great apps you’ve built, well done!

I’m interested to know…with the absence of native notifications, what Notifications solutions have you implemented for your apps? I have seen Email, SMS and WhatsApp being discussed on the forum. What has been your customer’s feedback on the solution implemented?

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I think that, when properly done, SMS and email notifications are more than enough.
Just think of all the services (or apps) that you use that don’t have in-app notifications.

If the client takes the time to think about those triggers, and set up the right copy for each email/text, then the UX is seamless and in app notifications are no longer an issue.