CRM with many automations and Admin / Customer Account

I wanted to present a newly developed app.

It is a crm that connects consultants with companies.
Each consultant has the management of their clients, with a double list; customers yet to be contacted and customers already contacted.
For each customer the app allows to:

  • See the customer sheet
  • Write Remind notes
  • See all the appointments already made and the details of the various appointments
  • Send automated emails
  • Send ready-made whastapp messages
  • Call the customer
  • Send reminders
  • Different 1to1 chat by appointment
  • Make the next appointment

Instead the customer can:

  • See the information of your assigned consultant
  • 1to1 chat
  • See your own videos made by the consultant
  • Request Updates

When the customer requests updates, the consultant receives a notification and can view what the customer has requested

This is the video


Congratulations Fabio!

Is this part just an inline list or a webview? Looks great.

Tnx :slight_smile: this is a webview from google Drive

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