How to let users upload videos

I would like to let my users upload videos in the app, the “File Picker” application is perfect - but there is one big problem: It doesn’t let them upload videos with more than 10 MB… is there any possibility that my users can upload videos (that are more than 10 MB) directly from their camera?

No, if you would like for them to add videos then you just need your app to have a form that adds links to the list where you keep video links.

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Do you guys know if 10MB upload limit is increased with the PRO apps plan?

Welcome Milky. No it doesn’t. But I would just use web links instead of uploads, they are faster and easier.

Got it, thanks. Well, that’s unfortunate as I want users to record their videos, so redirecting users to record elsewhere and attach the link would be a hassle.

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