How to increment a number counter field?

OK, so I’ve gone ahead and abused your app a bit more.
I’m trying to mimic a problem I see in my app. In order to do so, I’ve added the following columns:
two text columns: 1. link, 2. text
two template column: to combine both texts in different order
One Boolean, to decide which template to use
one IF column: to decide which template to set as a value into “users” table

The good thing is that it works perfectly on your app.
The bad thing is that something rather identical on my app doesn’t work. Anytime there’s a URL the “set value” action doesn’t properly set the value of the field with this URL. It sets all text which comes before the URL, but not the URL nor any of the text that follows. Like it’s exiting upon URL.
I’m sure I’m missing the key differential between your app and mine, causing mine to act up. I was hoping you’ll be able to throw some ideas for these differences that I missed. It’s surely not a bug, as it works on your app.

The only thing I can suggest is to examine the value in the template column right before the button press that triggers the action. That might provide you with a clue.

Are you aware of the Data view in the left hand panel of the layout view?

It can be incredibly useful for debugging these sorts of things.

Hi friend,
Yes, I’ve checked this. Also went through the entire working table when everything should be ready for pressing the save button. Everything does seem to be in order which is why it’s so frustrating :frowning:
I even tried to delete and recreate the column to which the action is supposed to write the text with the link to (=set value). Even opened another column for “rich text” (instead of “text”), but also no luck.
I would hate to take apart the entire house just to figure out which wire is wired wrong :frowning: