How to Implement a Search Function for Nested Inline List

I have a list called “category,” which contains a list of products. Inside this list of products, there is another list called “brands”. So, there are three lists (one main list and two nested inline). I want a search bar available at the top of the category list. Whether I write a category name, product name, or brand name, it should search all three lists (category and the other two inline lists) and then show the results. Can we attach a custom query to the search bar? If yes, how? Or is there another way to solve this?

It’s not possible to customise the native search behaviour, but you can create your own custom search/filter. There are several tutorials about that demonstrate various methods to approach this. If you search, you will find them.

Thank you for responding.
Yes, I did search for them and found out about using the text component, but it isn’t giving me the required result. Anyways, if it’s possible for you to share some resources, I would be grateful.

Would you mind adding some screen shots from the Glide Data Editor that show how your data is structured?

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