How to have images fit with text

I use an API in my app that collects data from a ranking of basketball teams. My sheet only collects the team name, but not the image. I have manually put in a collum with the team’s images. However, when the ranking changes, the images don’t match the correct text.
How can I make sure, that when the team name column changes, the team images change as well? So the list doesn’t put the wrong images next to another team.

assign the team name to the team image, and find that image through relation and lookup column

Can you be a bit more specific, I’m not sure I’m following you.

It’s a similar setup to the one I gave you for your player videos.

Essentially, you should have a Teams table, that includes columns for team name and team image.
Then you can create a single relation from the Team Ranking table that matches the Team Name to the name in your Teams table. And then use a lookup column that fetches each teams image via that relation column.