How to group by rows in the filter view?

Hi ,
I have activated a date column in App filter.
In the filter panel, for the same day, several rows are displayed.
Is it possible to discard the duplicated rows ?

Date Column is

  • type : Date & Time
  • Parts : Date only
  • Date format : short


Use Date format column since the actual date column also includes the time that’s why several rows are displayed.

Step 1:

Step 2:

We have to get rid of time when using the Date Format column to apply the filter because time is not unique in each row.

I think you can just have a template column pointing to your date column to “lock” the format in, then use that in your filter.

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I always prefer Format Date column so I can format the date accordingly but yes I think template can also work.

Always test that column extensively on all OS, especially iOS, since it has proven to be a problem in the past.

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What he said :point_down:

Use that column at your own risk. It might work 99.99% of the time, but that one time it breaks it will take you days to figure out whats going wrong.

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I have used that over 100 of my apps. Didn’t know there was a risk.

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