How to change the filter to show count of a date


How to modify the total product count on a date?Its showing two 11/3/2022(1) and 11/3/2022(1).
I need 11/3/2022(2)

Create a template column using the date as a replacement value, and then use that template column as the filter.

Also i selected one of the ddate but still it shows 2 tick mark but showing 1 product.

is it a bug?

Did you try what I suggested?

It’s not a bug. Dates include times, even if the time part isn’t visible. If you reformat your datetime column to show the time, it should become immediately obvious why you see what you see.

By using the date in a template column, it converts it to a string. And so if you start with a datetime column configured to only show the date, then the template column won’t include the time.

Tried and its working…Thank you

How to change the date to my country format



use the Format Date plugin…

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