How to go to next item in list from within the tab, not from the details page

Hi all,

I have a tab with “Details” style.
Here I am showing just 1 item and I want to have a button which, when pushed, goes to the next item and I don’t know how to do it. I tried shuffle but it doesn’t work.

Hola @Mihai_Enache

You might wanna see what @Manan_Mehta did here.


Any idea how to do stuff like this with Airtable?

I have a colleague that loves a good flag quiz and just for fun I thought I should just make it to him… He will be shocked that I’ve actually made an app. What bothers me, and that turned me off from using Stacker for another thing too, is exactly this “go to next thing”-issue. I can not get my head around why this should be so difficult with nocode, specially here because I just want to go to next random thing… Guess I’m doing something wrong… Any help would be awesome :slight_smile:

Are you asking to show another flag randomly, or in a specific order?

Randomly is pretty easy. You should be able to set the sort option for your detail screen to Random, and then instead of a button to increment a value, you instead create a button with a reshuffle action.

I agree that previous/next functionality should be built in, but I have no idea why it isn’t. Assuming the data in your flag table is pretty static, you could have a column with a number given to each row. Then I would create a new table to function as your tab. It would have a single row with a user specific number column. Then you would have a single relation column that links that number column to the number column in the flag table. Then add lookup columns to retrieve each column you need from the flag table into your new tab table. Then you can build the screen on the new tab the same way as you have it above, but now you can add increment buttons that will increment that user specific number column. When you increment the number, the relation and lookup columns will update with the matching data for that number, which will update the screen.

So in the end, your screen is always pointing to that one single row, but by changing the number it give the appearance of navigating with previous and next buttons, but it’s only retrieving different information for each flag based on the number column that you changed with the increment.


Thank you very much :pray: I will give it my very best shot in the weekend. Great, active community this and Airtable is a fantastic addition to Glideapps imho!

(Oh, randomly it worked right away just as you said, I think that will do for now! However I would’ve liked to create different game modes too, by filtering on i.e difficulty and continent, so then I’ll make that my weekend project :sweat_smile:)


I’m being slow on the uptake here: can somebody please write this as a text document in the form of an idiots guide that I can try to follow. Thanks.

I think @Jeff_Hager’s explanation two posts above yours is quite clear.

In my opinion, it’s a fairly elegant workaround, but it’s still a workaround: fiddling around with moving data across tables to achieve something that could be simple, ie. navigating to the next or previous record. If you are not already fairly comfortable with Glide, you might want to avoid such workarounds.