How to give user option to write article or post image/video and then show all posts

I want to create a posts section where users can be given the option to :
-write an article or
-post an image
-or video.

Then all the posts show up below by setting an inline list.
Things I tried:

  1. I have created a post button - the notes and file picker for writing articles or upload images or videos. Then when I tried to create an inline list below the “create a post” button. It does not have a way to pick and show articles, image or videos separately. The tiles can only be set to one option either article, video or image. And then if the user picks to do one thing out of three, inline lists keeps showing empty tiles for image/video along with the article.

2 Then to overcome extra tiles issue I created three separate buttons for article, image and video. But again all posts cannot be shown underneath together. inline lists pick only one option.

What is the best way to do it?

Have you tried to play with visibility conditions? You can use a choice button with three options, images, videos and articles. You add three inline lists, one with images another one with videos and last one with articles. Depending on what choice is selected one inline list shows, according to the post type selection. So if user selects video from the choice component, then the video inline list is shown.
The choice component should be connected to a user specific column.
Is this what you are looking for?

So, I am trying to create Buy me coffee clone where user has the option to create and upload between:
writing an article
upload image
upload video

then all their posts show below

You can then use the email to filter the posts. So when a user creates a post, I guess with a form, add users email (special value) and connect it to a new column called email for example. The add the inline list with all the posts and filter by email, so add a filter that says, show if email is signed in user, that way the user will only see posts made by him/her
Hope it helps

Yes, but I want the same for if user instead wants to posts article, image or video.

Like on "buy me coffee " app user has the option on what “type of content” they want to post to sell. Apart from writing , they have option to upload image and video content as well.

And their whole different kind of content shows to the user and others.

Right now using your way I can only do that for one kind of content, that either be article, image or video posts but not for all three

There is no direct way to do this, for this specific reason I usually opt for a card layout with no images at all, and show the image/video/article etc. inside.

Even with cards how would it work?

So do you want one list that sometimes shows pictures, sometimes images, and sometimes video’s? First of all, you can’t directly show a video in a list. You would have to get an image capture of the video and display it as an image in a list. Otherwise, you could have an article fill an article column, an image fill an image column, and a video fill a video column with some back end process to create an image of the video. Then just display a cards layout with the image and article as part of the values for the list settings. It will display whatever is filled in the columns for each row. Everything would be saved to one sheet.

Do you have a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?

1.So I want to give the user to choose between article, image, or video options for posts
2. Then I want all their posts to show underneath
3. If I create inline lists and set them separately to each article, image, or video, it does not work. It only picks up one of the three columns

You could create template columns that join each of the three respective columns together and use the template columns in the list.

Or you could have a single title column that’s used for articles, images, and videos. Set the title to the title of the list and the image to the image of the list. Again, you can’t directly have videos in a list, so you will need an image to represent the video and then have a video component on the details screen.

Do you have an example of it? I couldn’t make it work for me.

No, I don’t have an example. What do you have so far? What’s not working?

So, I removed the video part. Now I’m saying user can choose to create post that is either written article and/or upload image.

  • Now looking at the db file, how can I create one column that I can show in inline list ?

Do you need to have separate title columns for article and image? Can they just share a single title column? You also mentioned “and/or”. Does that mean they can submit an article as well as an image in the same post? If you kept separate titles, what would you want to see in the list if they entered both an article title as well as an image title?

I want to give user option to create any kind of post either article or image or 2 posts where one is album and other is image.

Like on instagram u can create image or video. The same user can create two separate posts as well image, video. But everything shows together

Maybe I need to clarify. On your form, is it ever possible that a user could fill in all four of the components at once before clicking on Submit?

No, I would set it as one title option and choice between either submit article or image.

Well, then like mentioned above, just create a single title column that’s shared for images and articles.

Then set up your cards list with the image column for the image setting, the title column for the title setting, and the article for the details in the list.

Adjust as necessary to get the final look you want.

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I will try that and get back.

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