How to get the gross total for the below


I am retrieving yesterdays order to be delivered as today in today’s order tab.
I am also doing sort by that multiple items ordered from that address can be deliver easily.But the total price is displayed as separate for each order within that address.But i need the gross total for that address as total of each order placed yesterday which is shown in today’s order tab.

You can do this in two steps.

The first step is to isolate those rows that correspond to yesterdays order for the address in question. You should be able to do this with an if-then-else column, and the column should return the amount for each row that qualifies.

The second step will be to do a rollup on that if-then-else column, taking the sum.


Can you show me an example.i don’t understand how to to get the total price column ?

i want the two yesterday’s order to be gross total from the colum total price.
total price of 1st order as 120
total price of 2 nd order as 180
i need a total as 300.

How to do this?

It looks like you already figured out how to do it :arrow_down_small:

Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 9.44.23 AM

Just use the same logic that you used there, but instead of “Yesterday’s order”, make the if-then-else return the amount. Then all you need is a rollup to get the sum.

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Hi @Darren_Murphy

In this i have 2 different streets but if i rollup the amount its just added and show 460.but this is wrong and i want count to be respective streets as well as it should show for yesterday’s orders only which is showing in another if then else colums as yesteday’s order.

In the below screenshot,its showing 460 as wrong.

what i need is,

i want sum or amount to be counted with respect to address.
how it looks in my tab,Today’s order
Its showing the orders which is based on yesterday’s order column by sorting with address.
28 Raja street,Aranthangi - 240
orders display
orders display
28 Rajagopal street - 220
orders display
orders display

but its shows 460.

How to solve.

How are the addresses entered into your app?
Is it using a text entry component and entered as free text?
I’m asking because I can see inconsistencies in your data.
For example, in the below I can see that some entries appear to have a double-space after the word “Street”, and some don’t.

This is going to cause lots of problems for you, and I think you should resolve this first.
What I would suggest is assigning something like a CustomerID or an AddressID and store that instead. Some value that is consistent and isn’t subject to human error through manual entry.

Once you have that, you can use it in combination with the date to get what you want. Either through a combination of template/relation/rollup or if-then-else/rollup as I described earlier.

Yes that was i did manually.i got this address from the orders table of user app.
and this is a app for delivery using the same orders table so that i got this address.


I’m getting the address as
House number,
Street name,

By using a template column to be like that.