How to get params out of Glide into

I’m experimenting with making a small app to generate funny social media captions from glide and email them to myself.

However I can’t figure out how to use the parameters from glide and use them in in a open AI completion module.

Does anyone have any experience doing this?

  1. In Make I’ve added the Glide module
  2. Then in Glide I have added a button that triggers a webhook.
  3. I’ve made a new web hook and copy pasted the URL from the glide module to set it up.
  4. Then I have parameters I want to use. A text field and a choice field.

However when I go back into Make don’t see where I can access these two glide fields. There’s something called params - however it seems not to do much.

I’m trying to use the below setup, but sofar when I trigger the web hook i just receive empty emails so I assume none of my parameters goes into Make.

Can you show your webhook configuration in Glide?
My guess is that you haven’t configured that correctly.

This is what the setup is like:

Yes, that looks okay.

Have you actually triggered the webhook from Glide?
You need to do that at least once so that Make can learn the payload structure.

If you look in the scenario history, do you see any past runs, or any failed runs?
If there are, examine those and look for clues - error messages, payload values, etc.

So i have and it seems it get the payload, however I guess I don’t know how to access the diffrent params?

If you click on it, it should expand…

I can’t get it to expand, I can only add the param as one chunk


Maybe it’s a bug with the Glide module. Personally, I never use that. I always use a Custom Webhook.

Maybe give that a try?

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy that seemed to do the trick

OMG Make has OpenAI module :scream:

hahahaha, that was what I felt when I saw it…

It has been there for a long time. We used to do GPT3 stuff on there with text-davinci-003 before they released the ChatGPT API.

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