How to get "number entry" for every cell of text?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to create an app that makes it easy for my students to read a text, and then rate it. Then read and rate another text, etc.

The app should look like this:

paragraph to read
number entry
paragraph to read
number entry

Etc. Ideally on one page, so they can keep scrolling.

What I have managed to do looks like this:

paragraph to read
paragraph to read
number entry

So close, but no cigar! Anyone out there who knows what I should do?

What I’ve done so far:

For your text paragraphs, you probably want to use a Text or Rich Text component. You can drag and drop components to arrange them on the screen.

Using a Number Entry component for your ratings might not be the best approach. This looks like a Pages project, so the Ratings component won’t be available. But I’d recommend checking out the Choice component. You could display that in chips mode with a fixed set of choices (eg. 1-5), so rating a paragraph would just be single click/tap operation.

One thing you should also be aware of is if your ratings are being saved in a basic column, then everytime a user rates a paragraph, their rating will over-write any previous rating. To get around this, you might want to have a look at User Specific columns.

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Hi Darren, thanks so much! That worked. But now I only see one paragraph (and ratings). Do you know how I can display all paragraphs (and the rating questions after each graf) on one page?

Or if it’s not possible to display everything on one page, maybe a “next page” button?

You can add as many components as you want as long as you have a column/component for each paragraph and a column/component to store the rating.

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Hi Jeff, thanks! Yeah that was my impression, and yet I only see one piece of text (and rating options).

With the settings in the picture below, I see all paragraphs on one page (which is what I want), but the number entry options only appear when I click on a paragraph.

If I change the settings as per Darren’s advice, I see one paragraph and the ratings options below, which is what I want, but I only see one paragraph.

Any advice on how I can get all paragraphs on the same page, and ratings options for each paragraph?

In an earlier screenshot, you had one single title component for text, followed by 4 number entry components. Now I see that you have a collection component followed by 4 number entry components. Why don’t you just add components in this order? (text , number entry, text, number entry, text, number entry, text, number entry). Then is will display how you want.

I must also ask…is each paragraph in separate columns or in separate rows?

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Thanks for the help, Jeff. This is the spreadsheet I’m using.

I now understand that I can add text, number entry manually, but I have quite a few of these, at least 50, so I was hoping there was a way to automatically list “text, number entry” for all rows in my spreadsheet. Do you know if this is possible?

Ok, so each paragraph is on it’s own row…and there is actually 4 number entry components that pertain to each paragraph? My initial impression was that you only had 4 paragraphs and each of your number entry components related to separate paragraphs. I understood it as 1 number entry per paragraph instead of 4 per paragraph.

I think that is going to complicate things. The short answer is that you are not going to get a list of paragraphs that are set up in rows to show as a list (collection) while still having entry components for each list item. You could do some sort of enormous workaround, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
You could also set everything up into a single row, but you would have 250 columns. Both solutions would end up with 250 components…at least.

The best way to display this is with a collection, but you will not be able to have entry components displayed within that list. Your best option would be to click on each paragraph in the list to get the to details of that list item (paragraph), and only then would you be able to fill in your numbers. I haven’t done much with pages yet, but I really don’t think you can get what you want without going to a separate screen, or possibly a popup to actually fill in the numbers.


Gotcha, thanks a lot for the help!

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