Averaging numbers that users input then displaying

I am using the number Number Entry Component to gather a ranking from users. However, number input by users overwrites each other instead of generating a list of numbers. What I am trying to do is get a list of numbers input by users then display an average to users.

More specifically, the app is asking the users to rate a beer (1-10), then I would like to average the rankings then display them so users can get an aggregate average from the input.

You need to use a form, in which you will have a number entry. Each time a user will submit the form with his rating, a new row will be added.

When I use the Number Entry Component, the user input writes over itself

Or you using a form? A form should add a new row, not overwrite any existing row.

OK, yes thank you. I have input the form button and added a number entry and it is adding rows. Perfect. However, This is serving as a ratings system which will ultimately be averaged. When the number entered rating one object is added to the column, then when the user ranks another object, it is added to the same column. So no differentiation between objects, all just lumped together. How can I create different columns for different objects (in this case beer!)

You need only one column I think, this column will contain the object name or ID. Then you can filter per object, or also have an inline list based on the column object, which will allow you for example to display, for each object, who rated and what was the rating.

For the average rating, you’ll calculate the sum of the ratings for a given object, divided by the number of user ratings for this object.

OK, Iv’e looked over your suggestion but I cannot get the correct configuration to have each object get multiple user inputed ratings. I would then average the ratings per object and display them into the app.
So far for an object I have created a form button to rate the object. This populates a new sheet with a column of ratings. however it is not differentiating between objects…

Here is the link to the app…

You need another column in your form results sheet for the object name. In the form use the column value components to populate the column you created in the sheet.

First let me say that I totally appreciate your responses to my questions and your support. Second let me say that your suggestion worked perfectly. Thank you.


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