Multiple User Entry - To add multiple score for same item

I am working on a review app for books lets say. I have it built so in the app I can add a score for the book and then I can see all the scores for the books I have rated thus far.

My problem, Is I need to be able to accept a score from each user for the same book, so I can then average them together. I havent been able to figure out how to let multiple entries for the same book be allowed. So far the one entry shows for all users and if one changes the score it changes it for all suers.

Use user specific columns, that will solve your problem, so wherever the rating goes, make it user specific, that way it will only change for the sign in user. You can see how this works with the favourite button

I would recommend either having each user submit their score through a form or Add Row action that will accumulate all those scores in a separate sheet. Then you can create relations to that data and use rollups and math columns to calculate and average the score.

Another option is to use a combination of user specific columns to store the user’s score entered on a details screen, then use that value to add to a running total score and running total count, then calculate the average. Then they can perform a set column action somewhere to write that update average for the item.


Thanks so much for the response.

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Thanks man, I think the “Add Row” action may work for me. I have the averaging math figured out already with some Google Sheet formulas, so once I get this other part down I may be all the way there.

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