How to force a Iframe to refresh

Hi people, I’m looking to force an Iframe to refresh, without having to refresh the whole app, any helpers?

Thank you in advance

Good question.

When I had to embed a stock chart a while ago, what I did was applying a constantly changing date & time value to the end of the URL. I’m not sure if that applies to iframes but worth a try.

So I convert the “now” value to a single number. Something like 202107301904.

Then the URl would be like I did that with a template.

Then every time Glide’s “now” changes it forces a refresh automatically.


I’ll try, what I’m trying to embed is a graph from Sheets, but in order for the updates to display I neee the app to update, but I’ll try your method to see if it works, thanks Dinh

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@Manan_Mehta do you have a clue how to do this…maybe with the new code column and some js?

Haven’t come across a fix for that. I personally prefer using Quickcharts to display any graphs which Glide cannot create. They are pretty much instant.


I know, but this is a hard one, and getting the graph from sheets would make my life much easier :slight_smile: