How to "Filter Text" in Screen view? Also components in screen display seemingly random fields

Hello everyone! I’m stuck! Can any kind should help? :slight_smile:

TLDR; How can I get a text component in a screen to pick a row other than the first row in the sheet (AKA filtering)? There’s also a bug in how components read data in a screen view.

I use Action Text to open a new screen using a “Lessons” Google Sheet as the data. Then on that screen, I use Inline Lists to display various assignments Filtered based on a Type (text, links that open in browser, embeddable links that open in web view, etc. Works like a champ!


Now, on that same screen, I want to display text headers to set up the Inline Lists. I don’t want to do this in the Glide app with a Text “Custom” component because the headers will be dynamic, assigned as a “Header” type in this same Lessons sheet, along with the text.

However, there is no “Filter” component in a Text component obviously, so how do I select a particular row from my sheet, filtering by Type “Header”? Is this possible?

The odd part is that if I explore the Data → Text for the Text component (or any other component for that matter, Title, etc), it reads my Lessons sheet, but it’s pulling kinda random fields.


Shown in the Data view from the left side of the builder:


In these images, Lesson Title, Folder Link and Lesson Number are pulled from the first row, which kinda makes sense. However, the first row does not have a Description or a Type, so it fills in another value. I thought maybe it went down the sheet and found the first record that had a Type, and filled in the blanks (which seems very wrong) but it’s not. It seems to have picked the Description and Type from farther down in the sheet from another record.

If I add Description and Type values (of ‘1’) to the first row in my sheet, it works correctly, grabbing all the data from the first row:


It’s as if it’s picking random values from different rows from my sheet.

But back to the original question. How can I get a text component in a screen to pick a row other than the first row in the sheet?

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!

Sounds like you’re having something wrong in your flow because what you want is reading the right row’s data, not making it work like “I want data from a row that is not the first row appears when I view the first row”.

Please check out my suggestion above about your flow, then if it does make things better, you should be able to access the right row’s data instead of having a workaround.

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