Couple basic Pages questions

What am I missing about Tab filtering in Pages? Everything I try makes no difference, so I’m using all component filters, which adds steps, since every component on the tab needs the same filters, in this use case.

Is there a help doc that covers Pages-specific function in detail, or just this?


Can you provide more details and screenshots explaining your problem, how you have configured your filters, and what you are expecting?

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Thanks for the reply. I hope this helps - here are the settings for the Page/Tab (not sure what the precise term is).

Screenshot 2022-11-28 3.43.11 PM

My assumption was that a Page filter would apply to all components on the page. Since that doesn’t seem to be the case, I’m looking to find out how these filters work. I’m guessing I have more of an issue understanding Pages in particular than filters or Glide.

I can see how you’d think that. In actuality, it filters the screen itself to the first row it finds that matches your filter. If you were to insert a text component and point it to a column, it will display the first value in that column that matches your filter.


Interesting - I tried what you suggested and verified that the filter was doing what you said it would. I’m not sure I understand what constitutes the “screen itself” - any components that aren’t in a container? I’m still fuzzy on how to make use of this filter, which brings me to my second question - is this, or other features unique to Pages, covered anywhere in documentation? I tried searching but didn’t come up with anything relevant.

What would be a use case for this? How did you find out how it works? Thank you for your time!

Under the hood, each screen always ties to a row in the database. The screen filter does the filtering for that purpose, so you get access to data for the row you are filtering to.

For me, I almost always filter the top-level tabs to the user profiles row of the signed-in user, so I can add/edit data on that row as needed.

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This is one of the key takeaways about Glide screen filtering. Like @ThinhDinh mentioned, I typically don’t filter screens unless I’m

  1. filtering a screen tied to the user profile sheet where the user’s email is the signed in user (making a user specific screen)
  2. Filtering a list of posts to the most recent date so I can feature the latest post using components besides collection components

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