Choise the row

Hi i creat the sheet with 25 row and i want to select or choise the row in my form but i don t know how to do. thanks

Thanks but i want to choise row

With the list

Not sure what you mean by “choosing the row”, but if you want a specific value from a row, a choice component might be what you need.

Please always be clear when you want to ask a question in the forum. Some screenshots or a video can assist us in viewing your problem better. Thanks.

Hi, look this my screen shot i have 123 row in my sheet i want to choise for exemple the row 15 and 18 andbi want to modifie the row 15 and 18 .but now when i add 15 and 18 it add at follow row and not modifie.

Hey @theo_180280,

Use a choice component.
And use a list of your items.
Now, create a filter with the choice component of your list with the screen.
Something like that :

And after, use the action to editing your list