How to enter several images to a cell, to create a scrolling effect? HELP

Good afternoon, kind regards, I would like to know if any of you friends know how to place several images in a single cell to be able to several and that the user can move with his finger. It’s that I’m creating a clothing store and there are shirts that have various colors. I saw it in a template but I have not been able to do it myself, I await your prompt response.

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Excuse my English: I’m using Google Translate.

What you want to do is to create an array column. In glide this is done automatically by the editor but in order for the editor to recognise this you have to name your images in sequential form.
Label your first image as Image 1 then the next one will be image 2, image 3, etc…
The naming must be the same but in sequence. Check the casing and the spaces…
Then in your image component, select the array column as your source of the image and you should be covered.

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Muchisimas gracias!

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