How to do this more simple? (Signing up with required extra data fields)

I built a shop where people buy subscriptions (can be more than 1). They need to have an account with their personal data before they can buy products. Because of that, I have these 3 possible phases with buttons now.

  • Login / Make an account (the basic Glide way)
  • Finish your account (when they haven’t added personal data like address etcetera yet)
  • Get a subscription (per subscription-specific data)

It feels like I could do without step 2, but how do I do that?

How can I get people to fill in all necessary personal data when making their accounts? Can you make required extra fields when signing up?

It seems to me that whichever way you go, you need that extra profile data. So it’s just a matter of when you want to collect it.

You can either collect it when a user signs up as part of an onboarding process, or force them to do it the first time they try to create a subscription.

Or you could do both. That is, make it optional at the start, but then force it later on (at step 3).

What are you currently doing?

I currently do this:

  1. If not signed up they get a ‘Sign up’ button
  2. When signed up but profile not completed, they get a hint and a button ‘Please complete profile’
  3. When signed in and completed they get the ‘Buy’ button.

So basically there are 3 buttons with their own actions and visible under different conditions.

That sounds perfectly fine to me :slight_smile:

I guess if you wanted to “tease” your users a bit, you could make the buy button available immediately after they’ve signed up, but put a conditional action on it. If their profile is completed, let them go ahead with the purchase. But if it isn’t, tell them they have to complete their profile first, and send them to their profile edit screen.

It really depends on the user experience that you want.

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Yeah what I was thinking too!

But I still think it would be even better if you could add required data fields to the Sign-Up page

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hehe, I knew you were going to say that :stuck_out_tongue:

Create a Feature Request :wink:

I find feature requests a very unsatisfying thing, because there is hardly communication about them.

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Yes, I was looking at the feature requests last week (God bless vacations!) and noticed that even some that have been done don’t have any indication they were “released”. And the ones that have the most votes have no timeline or even acknowledgement that they are important to Glide.


If you wouldn’t mind pointing those out, we’ll close them.

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Just briefly glancing now I am not sure. Like I said, I had a lot of time last week. :wink: