What is the best logic for my new user / client?

OK, this is what I have: an online shop where people can look around but need an account plus some filled-in extra personal data fields before they can buy something. What is the best way of onboarding and how to achieve that?
Right now I have three buttons:

  1. Sign In / Sign Up, visible when not logged in or when not signed up, leading to sign in page.
  2. Finish Profile, visible when fields like name and address are empty, leading to edit screen page with personal data fields
  3. Buy, visible when signed in and profile page completed, leading to form screen page, with info about product, amount etc.

I realize that’s too much. For all people this should be 1 flow, I think, but what would that look like in a custom action? What would the custom action for a new user look like? Which automatic steps follow each other? And don’t say 1,2,3 :wink: because that’s not the way things seem to work.

This is tough. In my experience, getting them to a sign-up screen is hard enough.

I once held that I should only show the onboarding screen until they had finished the profile, but the abandonment rate was horrible. Only after I allowed them in to get a “sneak peek” was I able to get them to finish the profile. The key was to put a link to the profile on every screen until it was filled in. What your definition of completely filled in will differ, of course. I allowed them to put in a phone number, for example, but that was not required as part of a completed profile. EMAIL was required.

I should add this particular app had nothing to buy. Information only.

Does your App have things they are not able to purchase elsewhere? If so, that’s an added ‘pull’.

Yeah, this is totally unique (no competitor due to unique competitive advantage) and everyone can look around and see everything and all that before buying but after that, I still think I need to remove every unnecessary step.

So the problem is not loosing clients, the question is how do I make things as easy and logic as possible for them.

And besides that, I want to learn to use this better too (haven’t learned a thing so far today @Darren_Murphy :wink: )

Didn’t we already have this discussion a few days ago? :thinking:

I already gave my recommendation:


Perfect answer!

My question is not so much the logic, I know the steps that I need them to take, and I have that up and running, but I wonder if there is a better way. A shorter way. Is it possible to lead them from 1 to 2 to 3 with a custom action? Or is that not possible? So after they signed up, show them the edit profile screen, and after finishing the profile, show them the buy form. As automation.

Like this:

CleanShot 2023-01-04 at 16.03.09@2x

I think @Darren_Murphy’s solution not only makes sense but is pretty common in the ‘checkout’ scenarios on websites. Only after you fill up your cart and are ready to purchase to they ask you all the pertinent information (which may have changed since last time anyway).

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I am trying to understand some of the logic behind Glide as well :wink:
So this is not an option, right?
CleanShot 2023-01-04 at 16.03.09@2x

Well, you can do that, but what you’ll most likely end up with is a Form Screen on top of an Edit Screen on top of the Sign In Screen.

The thing is, you can’t set up an action to stop and wait for a user to do something. What you need to do is create a flow. So you show the first screen, and then stop and wait for the user. Once they’ve done something, you check what they did and move on to the next step. And so on…

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Ah ok! Clear! And thanks, maybe it was a stupid question, but I learned what is not possible!