How to display a search result per user

I’ve created a view with choice picker and an inline list which must be the result of the choices.
However, it erases the values each time a user encodes his choices.
What am I doing wrong ? :confused:


Do you mean the values are erased when another user uses your choice component?

Are you using USC to hold the choice component’s result? If not, you must do it.


Yes the value are erased by the second user. It only writes on the first row. What do you mean by USC ?

ok but how do I do in my case ? I have a search tab allowing to define choice button. Based on the choice button (which create a line in a search sheet), it displayed the result of inline list (with the option "on screen choice per user).

Should i create a column in the user sheet named “Search” which refers to the search row ? if yes, I can I make the link?

In whichever table your components are currently writing to, create a duplicate set of columns, but make them user specific. Then change any components, filters, relations, or whatever else to use those new columns.

like this ? but it seems to not actualize the data

Can you clarify this part? What is not working? I see a value being written into one of your USCs.

in the search sheet, i don’t see the data choosen with the choice component by user. But it works !!! So i’m happy :slight_smile:

it works perfectly !!! Thanks a lot !!!

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