How to create photo albums


I have an app we are building that contains an inline list that displays photos. We want to be able to click to view an individual photo and add it to an album so that later we can see only photos that were added to that album.

One way we thought this could be done is by filters. So a filter could be applied to display all photos with the tag called “Album 1”. To do this, I assume we would have to allow a user to create their own filter and add that tag to a photo.

Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how to do this? Or does anyone have a better idea?

I appreciate any thoughts others may have on this.

Hey GetTheMemo,

Am kind of doing something simillar in what i am trying out.

One part of the implementation :

I have defined categories ( 5 of them to begin with ) and while uploading a photo I associate my image with one of the categories using a Choice list. And this allows me to display the Category as an album.

The second option is at the user level where I am giving an option to create an Album ( apart from tagging to the Category ) and the user can create a new one and associate the uploaded image to that album or associate to one of the many Albums he has alredy created on subsequent uploads.

Considering i have multi-users creating albums have put in some easy Relation in the table to filter out what i am showing on the app at userlevel.

Hope it helps.

If there are better implementation options then i would wait for updates on this thread so that i can try them out too.


Thanks @Shiv!

Do you have a public example of how you are doing this? Existing app I can download?

Here you go, just created something for you to playaround with.

a. it has email based login
b. it has a basic onboarding expeirnece where you have to enter name and upload photo to proceed further
c. once onboarded you get the option to upload photos
d. while uploading photos you can create album or use existing ones
e. all the user uploaded photos are shown below his profile ( filter setting )
f. all the user specific albums are in second tab ( filter setting )
g. all the photos by all users are in third tab ( filter setting )
h. all the albums by all users are in fourth tab ( filter setting + relations )

Feel free to playaround with what ever you want :slight_smile: As i told i did keeping basic implementation in mind.

Hope it helps.



Thank you so much!