Adding Tags to photos so dynamically searchable

Hi, I can’t figure out how to add 3-4 tags to an image and then be able to group the photos under 1 person, under different tags. ie for Bob I want to view all the photos that have tags ‘family’. these would all live under the ‘family’ list or tile.
The same photo could also be tagged’ sports’ and would live under that tile also.

Cheers in advance

I think you can have a comma separated tag column for the images. Then in Glide, make a split text column on the tag, split by the comma.

I assume you have another sheet for the tag names. Make a relation of the tag name to the split text column in the images sheet and return all matches.


I JUST created this yesterday. Give me a second and I’ll do a quick tutorial.


Thanks for the responses. I’ll check out this asap

Bah it cut me off after 3 minutes! I’ll need to rerecord

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This would be awesome! Thanks Robert!

As promised:


Thanks Robert!

Hi Robert, would you mind posting the 2 formulas that you mention in the video.

I said I’d do that, didn’t I? :upside_down_face:

Make Tags Lowercase Column:

={"Tags (lower)";arrayformula(if(len(O2:O),lower(O2:O),""))}

Unique Tags Column:

={"Unique Tags";sort(unique(TRIM(transpose(split(textjoin("|",true,iferror(split(Posts!P2:P,","))),"|")))))}

Thanks Robert! A big help. Now to see if I can get this done.


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@Robert_Petitto really well done. Think a lot of people can use this. :+1:


Thanks for this Robert!

Whoa…wait a sec…:thinking::nerd_face:

CSS :wink:


Figured that was the case! Thanks for the reply!

I think my brain exploded watching that video.


@Robert_Petitto thanks for your help Robert. I got this built successfully!:slight_smile:

I was able to show my project sponsor last week and loved the app. One thing I need to add was how to also filter the tag buttons by another variable - the person who the post was recorded for.

To explain, this app captures photos by a User on behalf of children in care. Then once tagged, the person or child can review the photos. So at the moment all the tagged photos for every child show up in every child’s photo section. As opposed to only the tagged photos for that child. In this case I would only want to see the tags ‘sport’ and ‘family’ for this child.

Any thoughts on this feature? Appreciate any assistance.

I assume you can do a relation of the tags back to the images sheet and return all the emails that has images containing that tag. Then you can have a joined list column to return all the matching emails.

Filter the inline list by email joined list includes signed-in user’s email, or something along those lines.

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